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night falls
Night Falls on Jericho Street


The Harmonies were created in 2004-2005, and represent a departure from the norm in the way I had been drawing. Most of the time, I draw from specific scenes. Though my finished pieces are points of departure from those scenes, the source of the drawings has been a specific place, which I have often photographed extensively before the drawing begins.

These pieces are different because I was drawing from memory and from emotion, rather than from a specific scene. A visit the previous summer to an evocative site of an 18th century Vermont farmhouse near the New Hampshire border stimulated this process. I hadn't my camera with me that day, but when I got home, so vivid was my recollection of the scene - the rolling hills, a crystal clear sky, the sharp daylight giving way to a silvery, shimmering evening - that I began drawing from memory - a first for me - and have been doing so every since.

The results involve much more risk taking on the page than I usually gave, as each piece developed something of a life of its own. Dependent upon memory rather than witness, the eye and the hand both become quite fearless. It was a development in my work that seemed natural and fortuitous and indeed is the process I used in the "Four Seasons" drawings as well.

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looking jericho
Looking Up on Jericho Street
B'twixt and B'tween
twilight on jericho
Twilight on Jericho Street
harmony 1
Harmony #5

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