summer sky
Summers Sky

le soleil

"Color is my day long obsession, joy and torment." - Monet

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t he color of the day changes every minute in Vermont. Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall; morning, noon or night; north, south, east, or west; the scene changes constantly from the windows of the house where I live on a hilltop in Hyde Park, Vermont.

sunset psalm: throne of heaven
Sunset Psalm: Throne of Heaven

sunset psalm: resting place Sunset Psalm: Resting Place
This past year, I've paid particular attention to the light of the sun as it travels through the day, suffusing paths with blinding light, casting shadows on the terrain, bouncing off rooftops and fields of snow, hiding behind clouds, setting like diamonds through the foliage.

My Sister's Sunset
My Sister's Sunset

A Moment in Michigan A Moment in Michigan
The Sunset Psalms developed after I heard a Vermont chorus's setting of old testament psalms. The haunting lyrics and harmonies propelled me to seeking to express the yearning and gratitude of old testament prayer in the imagery of the sunset.

My Sister's Sunset and A Moment in Michigan are some the pieces that came from photographs provided by my sister, Teresa, Myers, who often contributes to the current topic in my studio from her travels.

The Gratitude Series got its title from the idea of writing out expressions of gratitude at the end of every day - no matter what the day had held. I transferred this practice to the studio, where I conclude every day in the studio with a small study that summarizes the day.

Gratitude #1
Gratitude #1

Gratitude #5 Gratitude #5
Summers Sky (top) is an homage to the artist Carol Summers who has influenced me for 30 years. Velvet Sky was in progress when Mel Torme died. Always one of my favorites, I completed this piece as I listened to his music.

I keep thinking that tomorrow I'll attack another topic in the studio However, today the scene on my hilltop is more surprising than it was yesterday. So the focus of my work in pastel continues to be the sky, and this year, the sun in the sky.

Paintings from the Le Soleil series were exhibited in Boston in 2001 and in Vermont in 2002. Most in the series have been sold to private collections.